My Old College Says I Owe Them Some Money and Won’t Give Me My Transcript. – Crystal

“Dear Steve,

I attended a techinal type college 7 years ago and did not finish all my classes and got about 60 credits from them.

My new school need my transcript and they wont release it due to now they say i owe them $877. When i left no one imformed me that i would be owing the schoold.

I have since paid off all my student loans in full and on time and have kept in touch with them at all times. Since leaving that schol they have had any address i had and never did i recieve any letter from them or collection letter from anyone about this $877.

Now im told i cant continue my education due to this. Also the “gentlemen” i spoke to at my old school told me my current one was lying to me and that they do not need my transcrpit because im not doing anything that pertains to what i was taking there at their school.

I dont know what to do at the time i attende the old school i was only 17 wiith no GED or diploma. This is the first im hearing of all th is and all i want is my transcript. please help!!!

Can I get my transcript from a prior school if I was never informed of owing a debt before now? I need to continue my educaton to finish my nursing classes. And I’ve paid off all my student loans in full. What do I do??


Dear Crystal,

Unfortunately the old school will hold on to the transcript as collateral until you satisfy and debts owed. You can attempt to negotiate a mutually agreeable payment, pay the balance claimed in full, or contact your state department of education and see if they might be able to assist you in some way.

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    • The Department of Education has an option to have the loan dismissed if you did not have your G.E.D. or High school diploma at the time you attended the school. Look this information up about loan dismissal for those with no G.E.D. or high school diploma. You will either need to go through the loan holder that you had for that school or with the agency that currently holds the loan to file a dispute based on the grounds of not having a G.E.D. or high school diploma.


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