Cockburn & Associate – Consumer Complaint – 10-17-2012

Consumer Statement:

Joined debt solution company Silverthorn & Lupolover for $21,000 in debt for 30 mos., after paying them $465/mon. for 8 mos. one of my creditors filed a judgement and put a lien on my house – Luolover were still saying they could settle it but couldn’t guarantee it – I was not going to keep paying them for 30 mos. w/o a guarantee, I asked them to settle only 2 accounts totalling $5000, at that point I had paid them over $4000 and they wanted more money – $4000 to pay off $5000 and they are supposed to be saving me money???? They said I had $1300 in my trust account, they neg. with one of my creditors for $1500 and that creditor offered ME $945 a few months ago but I was advised not to take it – great advise. I also had to pay $205 out of my own pocket to settle that deb. Their fees are ridiculous and they are scam artists, they now will not answer my emails or calls, I doubt I will ever see that money again, I want to warn people ab out them. They recently changed their name to Cockburn and Associates because they had so many complaints against the old name – crooks through and through

Consumer Action Taken:

I was passed around from rep to rep, when I asked to have the large creditor removed and only settle the $5000 and they wanted more money after I had paid over $4000 I went ballistic, my rep would not respond, after a lot of pressure I finally got to talk to a service manager named Candy, then a negotiator specialist name Dena – she was yankee, turns out this company is a US company and pretending to be Canadian – now she won’t reply to my inquiries. I wasted $4000 – I could have paid those debts with that, they do not tell the truth about anything, they just try to get you to keep paying with false promises

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Date This Problem Happened: January 10, 2012

State You Live in: Nova Scotia

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-45

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,500

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Company Name: Cockburn & Associate

Company Address:

7111 Syntex Drive, 3rd Floor
Mississauga, Ontario K5B 8C3

Company Telephone Number: 800-951-1885

Website of Company: clegal.ca

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