One Million Free Airline Tickets

One of the things I loved to hate when I lived in the UK recently was the airline Ryanair. The flight were mostly on time but at outlying airports. The cabin staff was not great but always managed to get their little cart with sandwiches you could buy down the aisle. Ryanair was the first airline I ever flew on that sold lottery tickets in flight and had advertising on the baggage bins above the seats.

But all of those shortcomings were easily forgiven because you could often get free or one penny flights to many destinations in europe. All you had to pay for was the tax. I’m serious!

U.S. airlines could learn a thing or two from Ryanair. That is if they actually wanted to push more people around the sky for reasonable rates.

I just heard that Ryanair is now giving away one million free tickets, you pay the government tax on that, and I had to take a snapshot of the offer, otherwise you’d never believe me.

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