Will My Past Poor Credit Hurt My New Husband? – Diane

I have a poor credit history with an IRS tax lien from 2002. I filed bankruptcy in 2005.

I was married in 2011. Is my husband responsible for repayment of a federal tax lien reported to my credit in 2002? Will my poor credit rating affect my husband’s credit score?

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2 thoughts on “Will My Past Poor Credit Hurt My New Husband? – Diane”

  1. The impact on your husband depends upon which chapter of bankruptcy was filed. If your debts were discharged under chapter 7 there is no obligation to make payment. Under chapter 13, your debt was restructured.

    Credit reports and scores are maintained on individuals. Your bankruptcy won’t affect his credit directly. If you apply for a joint loan (like a mortgage where both incomes are needed) your outstanding debts and poor credit history will have an impact.


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