Miles Davis – Estate Law Group – Consumer Complaint – 10-23-2012

Consumer Statement:

Same exact thing happend to me this week. We called and they scamed us out of $1500. They are all pieces of crap and they deserve to rot in hell. The guys name was Miles Davis and he promised us to save us from our debt. But obviously they lied. I live in New York and I am petrified that they have my social security # and my bank statements. I am scared i will lose more money in the future.

Consumer Action Taken:

Today I noticed that, what they were asking for was a little bit strange. So much stuff but 2 days of notice to do it. Someone please help me, so we can put these bastards away for good. The persons email is, [email protected] Please help me!!!!

Date This Problem Happened: October 20, 2012

State You Live in: New York

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,500

Company Name: Miles Davis – Estate Law Group

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company:

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  1. I just found out today that I was scammed out of 3600 dollars tried to call a state law group to find out what’s going on with my modification we been doing since August of 2012 with answering machine said we are no longer doing business now I don’t know what to do is can anyone tell me if theres a class action suit against them I can join I live in Virginia and they are in California not sure what to do with this point please help


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