Consumer Cries Foul Over Mortgage Reduction Mailer

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in a mailer they just received from the Administrative Offices of Payment Reduction Service. Whatever that is?

Their concern was that the mailer was unsolicited marketing for a mortgage they no longer have. That caused them to investigate the mailer further.

The mailer does not identify who the sender is but does give the telephone number 800-630-6732. That telephone number has been associated with a California attorney, Christian Cooper. – Source

When you see the mailer below, you will also notice that it does not seem to have any of the attorney marketing required disclosures and instead appears to mask itself as some sort of official assistance.

The mailer makes the following statements of benefits consumers may receive:

  • Principle reduction;
  • Payment relief;
  • Interest reduction;
  • Elimination of 2nd Mortgage;
  • Restructure late payment & fees;
  • Restructure negative home equity;
  • Save your home from foreclosure; and,
  • It is a federal relief program.

That is a whole lot of claims and perceived promises to be made that will attract unsuspecting consumers into calling.

But mailers like this leave me puzzled and wondering. If a program offers such tremendous benefits and is so great, then why hide the identity of the company, or even attorney, behind this message.

If you carefully inspect both the front and inside of the self-mailer, beside the telephone number there is no other information about the identity of the company or individual that sent this.

But let’s take a step back for a moment and look at this mailer for what it is. Anyone who receives this or any similar mailer needs to be aware this is a piece of marketing that is designed to get you to respond to SELL you something. This is not an official or government notice that you are a citizen that is eligible for a state or federal program.

The fact this telephone number in this mailer targeting Florida residents and may be linked to a Southern California Bankruptcy attorney is astonishing for me. – Source. If the attorney is not involved in this mess, he’s going to be the unfortunate recipient as people look for who is behind the number, as the consumer did who sent this to me who felt it was related to Cooper.

It makes no sense at all. So I called the number on the mailer, 800-630-6732. You can listen to the call below.

You will notice that the call ends abruptly. The salesperson hung up on me. But you will also notice that I press the representative fairly hard to see if Cooper is related to the number and the representative can’t seem to identify any attorney involved.

I think what is clear is that it seems entirely doubtful that Christian Cooper is using that toll-free number anymore and that it may have been picked up by the unknown legal services company. Unfortunately there is enough information out on the web that connects Cooper to the number and when this mailer gets more attention, which it will, everyone will look towards Cooper.

A call to Cooper’s office could not reach anyone for comment.

So the bottom line here is to ignore the mailer and that there is no solid information to believe that Cooper is involved with the mailer except for the use of the phone number that was associated to him previously.


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1 thought on “Consumer Cries Foul Over Mortgage Reduction Mailer”

  1. Steve,

    I somehow missed this email until now. As you correctly concluded, I do not have anything to do with “Payment Reduction Services.” I did briefly have an advertising campaign with a company called RealPractice, but that ended quite some time ago (in fact, I have not had the office at the Oceangate address since August 2011). They had set up a toll-free number to track how many calls were coming in via that advertising campaign. I was not aware that the website for that campaign was still up, or that the number for Payment Reduction Services was tied to my old advertising campaign.

    I have received occasional calls from homeowners in Nevada and other parts of the nation asking for information about their mortgages. I was puzzled by the calls, since they were vaguely related to some of the work I do as a bankruptcy attorney. But I am only admitted to practice in California (, so I didn’t understand why I was getting calls from people in other states. In June 2012, I exchanged emails with someone who had received a similar notice and linked it to me, and he sent me a copy of the notice. I cannot find the letter, bu I have asked him to resend it. If he resends it, I can forward it to you.

    In the meantime, I will ask RealPractice to remove references to me. Unfortunately, that 800 number seems to have infested the Internet, as a Google Search has turned up, and it will take some time to remove those references (if it’s possible at all).



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