Why Can Debt Aid Processing Say They Are an FTC Approved Company?

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in information on a company, Debt Aid Processing, they were surprised to see a debt settlement company claiming such a thing.

“I didn’t know the FTC approved of any company let alone a debt settlement company. Do you know if the FTC has actually approved this company? If not, i find this repulsive that somebody could actually write that and try to utilize that to further their business.”

Well the short answer is the FTC does not approve companies and any such statement would be misleading at best. The Federal Trade Commission has taken action against other companies in the past for offering up similar descriptions.

The reader (send in your tips here) sent in a copy of the Google search results showing the company title as “FTC approved back end company”.

And when you go to the page in question, the title and page title supports the claim made by the reader (send in your tips here). – Source

I was surprised to find these claims on the company website. Seems awfully bold or stupid to make those claims and take that position.

What do you think? Fair or foul?

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1 thought on “Why Can Debt Aid Processing Say They Are an FTC Approved Company?”

  1. Great grammar too:

    “FTC approved back end company are best managed through debt consolidation. With debt consolidation, all debts are generally paid off in single action. In addition, all unsettled debt will likely be combined in one, reducing expenses and lesser possibilities to get overdue payment fees. It is a fact that you can never borrow your way out of debt but then again at least you can lock in much lower interest rate and put you back again on the proper track to managing your funds.”


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