Rescue One Financial Still Sending Disturbing Mailer

Previously an alleged former employee of Rescue One Financial spoke out about a marketing practice that concerned them. See Alleged Former Employee Speaks Out About Rescue One Financial Loan Offers

I expressed concern to both Freedom Debt Relief, who was getting referrals from this, and Rescue One Financial about the marketing mailer and specifically asked both for evidence Rescue One Financial was a licensed lender as apparently required in the state of California where they are located.

No such documentation was provided by either party.

In fact a search today of the California licensing portal still shows no active lender license. You can check for yourself, here.

A tipster (send in your tips here) has sent me a recent copy of a similar mailer they just received.

While the mailer is not the same as I covered before, it has many of the same features.

As you can see, the debt relief company Rescue One FInancial is still marketing what appears to be a loan without any evidence they are a licensed and regulated lender.

The accusation before was that Rescue One financial was using this as a screening tool to entice people to call and then flip them into a debt settlement program and some of the leads were sold to Freedom Debt Relief, part of the Freedom Financial Network.

Close relationship with Freedom Financial Network even shown with logo on bottom of the Rescue One Financial site.

Even the language on the back of the mailer makes it appear this offer is for nothing more than a loan.

If a single consumer or certainly a pattern of consumers are flipped into a debt settlement program after receiving this mailer it certainly seems to substantiate the concerns of bait and switch previously shared.

Is Rescue One Financial a friendly lender or is their primary mission something else.

If we look at their “About” page it sure seems like the focus is on debt settlement. – Source

Even the response the tipster (send in your tips here) received from the company seems to support the loan agenda after she contacted the company from the mailer.

The tipster (send in your tips here) sent in this followup comment as well as a series of subsequent emails exchanged with the company.

This is a continuation of my previous tip. This lady just won’t stop. I just can’t believe it. If I’m not mistaken, when she responded to my first request to no longer be contacted, she broke the law. I would think at the very least that she certainly has with the subsequent emails. I am attaching the last communications not already included in my first report to you.

While I certainly don’t know if the customer service representative broke any law, apparently the customer service representative just can’t leave well enough alone and sent this followup email to the consumer.

I must admit, if that is the response of the “Senior Financial Consultant” of an AFCC and Inc 500 company, that is very disturbing. Why in the world would Marya Rodriguez say those things to a potential customer?

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Thanks to our readers and tipsters (send in your tips here) this situation is still worth examining. The answers I’d like to know is where is the lending license for Rescue One Financial and is Freedom Financial Network still accepting leads from this possible bait and switch marketing. If so, is that really the hallmark of a stand up American Fair Credit Council (AFCC) company?


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15 thoughts on “Rescue One Financial Still Sending Disturbing Mailer”

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  2. Received scam advertisment from Rescue One Financial. Guy told me on phone was preselected for a loan..Then 24 hours later he called me & told me denied for a loan, but eligible for the only federally mandated debt settlement program in the country. I was pissed..so I hung up…

  3. Received deceptive mail from Rescue One Financial & Freedom Debt Relief. I checked them out on line found this site…Thank you for providing information on these bad companies that are obviously not looking out for the best interest of the consumer..

  4. thanks for the 411 on this bogus letter from rescue one keep asking the right question you are helping all of us to live better lives

    • This company rescue one financial are pretending to be a lender..they have no license for a loan..They have been sending out these deceptive mailers for the last few months..They have been reported to FTC .. Hopefully they will stop deceiving consumers..Rescue one Financial is nothing but a bait & switch shop..front for Freedom debt relief…debt settlement company….

  5. Great site..email link to all my friends..so many bad & deceptive companies like rescue one financial & freedom debt relief. I wish the federal government would slap a huge fine on these guys for deceptive & misleading flyers..Make me angry…

  6. Why are they not defending themselves rescue one financial or freedom debt relief?Misleading consumers promising a loan then turning around & flipping them into debt settlement…My brother who has no income verge of BK..almost fell for this ..I did my research by golly look at all the information on this site…thanks steve & all those who contribute….whistle blowerers..time to cleanup..FTC is obviously too busy…with other scammers …

  7. I was out of the country ..just received same mailer reference above from Rescue One Financial. Live in the great state of Texas….
    Yes it is going in trash..Weird thing is I have very little credit card debt..why would I be getting something like this.. I never applied for any unsecured loan in the last year..How do I get preselected for a loan when I never ever applied for one..or if it is bait & switch..is this the entry point for rescue one financial to sell their debt settlement program…Interesting but deceptive……

  8. Rescue one financial is not a licensed lender in CA? I am in Texas..This guy took all my personal information..social security etc..Told me that once underwriting dept looks at my situation I should be able to get a loan to pay off credit cards.. It underwriting dept is made up of 20 banks..Never mentioned anything about debt settlement or anything… Bait & switch..I will be reporting this to Texas ..state business affairs..I knows alot of people.. this is fraud..I am mad as hell.. we do not take likely Bait & switch scams..especially before the holidays…

    • Don’t mess with Texas..On our billboards..highways..My husband received one of these flyers from Rescue One Financial Thank god he had sense to give to me to check out..Of course going to internet..found all this great information. It is going in the trash.. I am a accounting auditor for the great state of Texas..I will be reporting this to the right people..Freedom debt relief sister should be careful too..

  9. I cannot believe Rescue One Financial continues to send out these type of bait and switch marketing flyers..Do they not get it…They are not a licensed lender in California.. apparently their sister company Freedom Debt Relief who used to be in CA, now in AZ.. stands by & no comment or response.. This agent who responded via email..is an idiot…first of all..she should never have responded…big mistake…but good for us the consumer…now we get to see how a MSTARS Agent responds..These agents are not MSTARS compliant or trained ..that is very obvious… not FTC Compliant..it is deceptive marketing…Obvious from the tipsters..their is no underwriting department..They are just look at a credit report..This Rescue One Financial should be shut down…quite disturbing ………..


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