I Have Debt I Owe in the UK. Do You Think it Will Ban My Travel From the EU and UK? – Aynaz

“Dear Jon,

Left uk with 1000£ dept to uni,what can I do

I have studied half a semester in uk but left after 2 months and didnt fill that form that I want to leave uni cause i was not sute .after xmas holiday uni mailed me that i have to pay 1000£ for the rest of the semester

I sent them evidences that I have been in my country all those days and even evidences that show my country in under sanction that i cant pay them back
but they still ask me to pay it

do you think this can affect my future’s travel to EU or even uk?



It is good you sent the university board or whomever is collecting the debt evidence you cannot afford to repay them, this alone does not stop them from sending you notices and trying to collect the debt.

It may be they cannot collect the debt depending on what country you have moved back to. What country is that?

Just owing this debt alone will not stop any travel planes you have to the EU or the UK, so no worries there.

Unfortunately with student loans, if what you took out was a proper student loan, there are few options as to what one can do if you cannot afford to repay them.

Do you think you will be working and able to pay anything in the near future? What options did the university give you for repayments?

Let me know and we can look at this closer.



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