Can Lloyds TSB UK Chase Me Back to India to Collect My Debt? – Enayet

“Dear Jon,

Debts- Lloyds £ 1500, amazon card-£1000, aqua- £500, capital-£200. Now going back to India permanently and not in a position to pay off debts.

This is Enayet again. Couple of days ago you advised me to obtain a debt relief order before I permanently go back to India. However as I am leaving immediately it may not be possible for me. I am really worried what the debt collection agency can and cannot do to me in India…assuming finally Lloyds and other creditors will sell their debts to indian debt collection agency. What legal power they have to harass me in India? and finally if I wish to come back to UK for a short holiday trip un future will i face any problems in airport?



A Debt Relief Order can be put into place rather quickly, just as quick as you can complete the forms and file them. You could do this prior to leaving the UK as long as your contact details are current or updated with who is handling the DRO.

As for leaving and then returning to the UK, just leaving unpaid debts alone will not cause you to not be allowed entry back into the UK.

Regarding what a collection agency can and cannot do: If the bank or collection agency is in the UK, there may be little they can do in India as their authorities do not extend to that country. If the debt(s) are sold to a collection agency in India, then the debts can then be collected in accord with the laws and rules/guidelines of that country.

As to if the debts would be sold, again I cannot say, and doubt they would be, but there may be the possibility.



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