I’m a Student at a UK University But Being Chased for UAE Debt

“Dear Jon,

I’ve pending loan in UAE , Due to lose of my last JOB I’had to exit UAE , Now am a student in UK university and doing part time job in company here and I’m a Indian national.

Now my problem is bank has chased since then i left UAE and stayed back in my country for few months and threaten me to pay them back all the due’s , but some how I’ve got chance to move away from back-home(india) for doing study in UK. now the problem banks got all my information of work and they started contacting my office and threatening me to pay them back in one shot. I’m ready to pay them back slowly as EMI, but they are not listening me , as they wanted me to settle down in one shot.

They threaten me saying that they going to file case in Interpol , any time soon and after they stopped contacting me for morethan a month now, how will i know will they already did filed case in Interpol ?. I’m scared because i’m going to travel coming week to india for my sister wedding , if they did something like that I will have to end my life.

Please let me know what all the possibilties is there to know about the case against to me in Interpol … please i really need your help.”


I can appreciate your questions and concerns, but I have a few questions of my own in order to be able to assist you.

When you state “pending debt” I assume you are making reference to loans you will no longer be able to repay??

How long have you been in the UK and outside of UAE?

You mention you lost your job in UAE, how did you afford the cost to move to the UK, and the cost associated with going to school here in the UK? And the costs of a student Visa?

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What office are they contacting you for repayment? How much are you earning working part-time?

If you working part-time, how are you living, rent, food, school, etc??

I cannot “help” you, but can advise that is if you have left debts behind in UAE then yes, you may wish to contact the local police to make sure no warrants are outstanding against you. If so, then returning to the UAE is not a wise move. As for any cases filed in “Interpol” you can contact them, but to my knowledge this is doubtful unless you have committed a criminal offence.

Get back to me and we will look at this in more detail.



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4 thoughts on “I’m a Student at a UK University But Being Chased for UAE Debt”

  1. Dear Jon,

    Many thanks for reply,. I did moved to UK as student, the amount I’ve paid for College to study is 3000 pound which is my parents helped me, and showed some temporary fund to obtain VISA,

    Now I do part time in an company 17.5 hours in a week where they pay me around 900 pounds a month, I do manage all my Living expenses in this amount, Its been around more than 1 year am away from UAE now they chased me and got to know that am working in firm here and Bank recovery people do call on random numbers in office and ask for me,sometime they even said to my colleague that I run away from UAE .

    But fact was I lost my JOB and parents helped me to do this course and try for an option to achieve any other JOB in this region Via getting masters. Now the issue is complicated I had to resign my JOB due to this banks chasing me on office where am working now, I’ve got warning from HR to stop them to call on random no ask for me and informed bank do not that, But they still did on same , Last Monday (12/11/12) I’d a meeting with HR and they informed me , They are forced to terminate me due complaints from colleague about Random calls on their desk or I’ve to resign myself not get bad reference.So didn’t had any other option rather than resign from current part time JOB.

    Now am Jobless 🙁 , On the top nightmare of this haunting , I didn’t do any criminal things in UAE , rather than taking a bank loan from UAE,. But bank recovery people says they are filed my case with Interpol , So i wont will arrested in airport when i travel anywhere outside UK. am afraid now because my VISA is expire and now I’ve to travel this month itself to back home and I don’t what is going to happen when i try to exit this place. I’m not travelling to UAE or any GCC country but am travelling back to my home country which is not part of this GCC country.

    I’m ready to pay back all the amount I owed from banks in UAE. But all I need time what they don’t understanding now. they wanted me to settle the amount in one shot, which is not possible for me, I negotiated many times with them but they don’t listen and keep on haunting.

    All I’m afraid about will I be a Victim of Interpol in this case ?. just for taking a bank loan n left UAE due to loosing my previous JOB in UAE?

    I wrote to Interpol , with all my passport detail’s and stating reason’s, But I haven’t got any reply till today its been around 2 week now.

    Is there any way to know about it?..

    • Again I would suggest contacting Interpol as you have, as to if anything has been filed against you, but it is doubtful and this is probably a hollow threat. There could be the real threat of a warrant issued against you but if you are outside limits of any warrants then you will be fine.

      You state you are ready to pay back the amount owed, can you begin sending payments to show your intentions? Can family help you as they did with travel expenses and school?

      You state your Visa has expired, have you completed your education?



      • Hi Jon,

        Can you please kindly clarify what you meant by “There could be the real threat of a warrant issued against you but if you are outside limits of any warrants then you will be fine.” , is that you meant they can issue Interpol Red notice against to me ?

        yes my parents are ready to help me, but at the moment is not possible because they are doing my sister wedding so its bit difficult time for them as well , we are just middle class family.

        I’ve said bank that will pay a small amount end of next month, But they are not listening , as they wanted everything in one shot which absolutely not possible for me and my parents.


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