I Was an International Student in the UK But Left the UK Owing Debt. – Hemant

“Dear Jon,

I was an international student in the UK between 2000-2004. I used credit cards and took a loan with a bank, totalling around £6000 and did not pay this amount.

Now, I want to visit the UK for a couple of days and I want to know if I my dept in the UK will lend me into trouble at the immigration or if I can get arrested etc.

Thanks for your help.



Based on what you have stated, just by leaving debts behind in the UK is no reason why you would be stopped, or detained upon entering the UK. To my knowledge there is no relationship between the border agency and debts or owing money in the UK.

You may wish to research this through the UK Border Agency just to insure your Visa had not expired when you were last here prior to leaving or some other “Visa” issue, but for debts alone, you will not have any problems.



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