CrediSure America is a Scam Says FTC

The Federal Trade Commission is warning consumers about CrdiSure America which operates a site at which just whet online recently.

The site attempts to sell a $399 credit repair blog and asks consumers for their bank information in order to get a refund due from the FTC for an imaginary refund due.

The site describes themselves by saying:

Our main targets are large telemarketing and infomercial firms who get shutdown by the FTC for misrepresenting or simply defrauding customers like your self.

CrediSure has the proper knowledge and open doors to expedite refunds you may not even know were owed to you. CrediSure works as a tireless collector and fiercely fights for its clients refunds to be paid first. – Source

The CrediSure America website reads like it was a scam site written by someone from Europe.

The site claims they were created “in January of 2007 by James Weissbergh, a chartered account and single father of 2, CrediSure America operates from 6 states and has its Corporate Offices in Manhattan, State of New York.”

The site also claims to have an affiliated site, which sells credit repair services.

Through their domain name they claim to be located at:

CreditSure, Inc.
244 Fifth Avenue
2nd Floor Suite A
New York, NY 10001

The State of New York has no record of any company by that name registered to do business.

The server has the following sites on it as well:

On their credit repair website they claim to be a Colorado company that was created by “by Suhaylee Rivera, chartered accountant and mother of one.” – Source


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