Victor Cheng – Consumer Complaint – November 19, 2012

Consumer Statement:

Property scam deed fraud
By previous owner victor cheng being helped by June Reyno
Please read this big scam by June reyno and Victor & Anita cheng previous owners of my home that were foreclosed on
I bought the property in 5-2011 with title insurance from a investment company throu stewert title , escrow and a realtor
DA had Victor Cheng arrested but victor and with the help of June are still trying to take my home and have created a cloud on my title and other problems

Consumer Action Taken:

We purshsed a home in 5-13-2011 and live in it on and off in 8-2012 he left the USA on a trip out of the country now we paid cash for this home and own it free and clear . Just found out on 10-2-2012 from the utility company that the bills were closed and opened up in some one else name we immediately called the riverside county sheriffs department they came out and the people in the house claim that they were illegally foreclosed one by the bank back in 2010 and won there case in court , there is no case in court the escrow claims they can not help because this is fraud case , the county recorders office claims it is fraud and can see it in there system but say they can undue the new deed this people filed with county records office and it says that they sold the home to them selves has them listed as buyer and seller on the deed which were the fraud is , if any one can put this on the news and let others now what is going on it would protect other from this happening and title insurance which I have will not help which I have ,everyone is scared to get sued so they won’t help including the broker the realtor ,and the escrow office Stewart title and escrow which should protect the buyer from previous owners I fell like I am in Iraqi or some kind of war zone ,the district Attorny which know this is happening in riverside county and is aware say get a lawyer and file a claim to investigate and the police won’t do nothing because the people moved broke my locks and changed the keys and recorded a bogies deed from them self to them self naming them as the buyer and the seller yet riverside county records says I own the property and must pay my taxs not them but they are on the deed and in my house and the sheriffs won let me in my home or kick them out keep in mind house was paid for cash by me and my family …please help some one any one and put my nightmares on the news and help put an end to this fraud before it happens to others These people are dealing with a person that claim to be able to revearse foreclosure and is a scam artist

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Date This Problem Happened: October 3, 2012

State You Live in: California


Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Victor Cheng

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company:

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  1. Your title insurance should pay you back if you purchased it ,especially a cash purchase should be credited to you .Make sure the investment company was honest with you i would have them investigated for selling you stolen goods.
    I would go to court if I was you the legal system is your best avenue if you have nothing to hide.


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