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I’m a U.S. Citizen With Dubai Debt and Going Back to the UAE. – Hody

“Dear Steve,

I am a U.S citizen i worked in dubai for about a year in 2011, i had to leave because i lost my job and left behind 2credit card debt and one bank loan. everything together was about 100K AED. I had no intention of just leaving it but i had no choice and have been in a financial struggle ever since due to 7 months of unemployement.

I have recently got a job offer that is good in dubai. what should i do to get in uae without the fear of being arrested upon arrival? Is that even a possibility? I am willing to negotiate and pay but i cant do anything now till i start my new job. Please help


Dear Hody,

If your creditors opened a police case against you in the UAE since you’ve been gone then there could easily be a travel ban against you and when you enter the country, you could possibly be arrested and your passport seized.

It would be absolute insanity to travel back there without a solution already in place. The UAE is a particularly nasty place to go with unresolved UAE debt since the possibility of doing jail time is real. People escape the country in such situations, not go back to it.

I would suggest that you contact a lawyer in Dubai and have them inquire about your status with immigration officials. Additionally, I would suggest you have your lawyer contact your creditors and negotiate a suitable payment arrangement before you plan to arrive back in the UAE.

Without such a written agreement with your creditors, upon your return, you might find yourself arrested and have to serve jail time. This might lead to the loss of your new job.

My opinion is that you MUST resolve the old debt and have some mutually agreeable written plans in place before you go back to the UAE.

Being a U.S. citizen will not protect you from being tossed in jail if their is no resolution to this and you have an open police case.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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