Rachel is in Medical Debt, Was Sued And Lost. What’s Next?

“Dear Steve,

I’m in debt from medical bills at about $17,000. I was taken to court over a $560 bill and am making payments on that, now I have another bill for about the same amount that i have court with next month. My finances are totally screwed up and i need to get a grip on these bills! What can I do?


Dear Rachel,

If you are being taken to court over these debts it is either an indication that you simply don’t have any money to pay towards these, or you are so completely irresponsible that you ignored them.

The more logical answer is that you simply don’t have any money to pay.

Really, the only way out from under these bills quickly is bankruptcy. And now you see why medical debts often lead people down to bankruptcy court. If you go bankrupt then it would wipe out that debt you are paying on already as well.

Go talk to a bankruptcy attorney right now or ask for a free bankruptcy review online.

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