Jason Has Not Paid His Mortgage in 10 Months And Wants to Keep His House

“Dear Steve,

I fell behind on my mortgage payments then I stop paying my mortgage payments and let things get worse.

I fell behind in my mortgage and then gave up and stop paying it. I’ve been in foreclosure for about ten or more months. In a few weeks there will be a court case not sure if it will be final but i was served papers from the bank ten months ago or so. Can I stop all this and keep my house or is it too late now that i woke up and want to fix this mess?

Please help me if you can, thank you.


Dear Jason,

The biggest issue we need to deal with after ten or more months of avoiding dealing with this is how much time you really have left.

I suspect that you don’t have a lot to enter into a long protracted negotiation process. You have three options:

Call The Lender Directly

You could call the lender directly and see what options they have to help you reinstate the mortgage.

Call a HUD Approved Housing Counselor

You could discuss your case with a local housing counselor and see what options they may have for you. You can find one online here.

You Could File Bankruptcy

You could talk to a local bankruptcy lawyer to see how a chapter 13 bankruptcy can protect your house and get you back on a payment plan to repair the delinquent mortgage situation.

Please come back and let me know which option you choose and what the outcome is.


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