Will I Be Able to Get Back Into the UK Even Though I Have Old Debt There? – Julie

“Dear Jon,

I lived in the UK 4 years ago on the 1 January 2013. I moved back home. I left with debt as i honestly could not pay it. It was less than 3000 pounds. credit card was on about 2000 and then an electricity bill which I was disputing for the remainder…ran out of time….

I want to go back to UK in 2013, will i be black listed? I want to be able to open a bank account again. I am willing to pay back debt once i get a job but with interest i worry it will be astronomical and unaffordable!

I have a british passport.

Please let me know your thoughts?



You won’t have any issues returning to the UK, and there really is no “blacklist”, but your credit history may show the default on the credit card and possibly the electric bill.

You may want to obtain a copy of your credit history once you return to the UK to see what is on it. Then once working you can contact the creditor to inquire about setting up a repayment plan.

Regarding opening a bank account, you should be able to get a basic account, but you might struggle to be approved for a current account. This will depend on what your credit report shows. If it has the credit card showing as a default, it may be an issue. And I would advise not going to the bank that issued the credit card for a bank account. But again, you should be able to get a basic account if you look around.

Once you get back to the UK, if you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.



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