I Left a Debt in the UK to AC Telecoms. Will I Be Arrested When I Return? – George

“Dear Jon,

I have an debt from AC Telecoms (I am not remember well name of company) since 1998 when I was student, less than £500. I left the country since 1998 however I have to come back for business purposes for few days.

Would I be arrested at the UK airport when I will enter the country or when I will flight back home ?



No you will not be arrested when entering the UK just for leaving a bill or debt unpaid. So don’t worry about that.

From what you have stated the debt may be statute barred or no longer owed. If a creditor has had no contact with your or made any attempts to contact you for six (6) years, the debt can be statute barred or no longer owed.

So enjoy your business trip.



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