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“Dear Jon,

Thank very much for your help and time. I want to ask you if you can help me , because I am in a desperate situation right know.

In my country , Romania there is no legal basis for personal bankruptcy.I have paid in six years almost 30000 euros , and after the bank moves to foreclosure of the properties , I still owe a lot of money .Is not justice because I made a bad loan in swiss francs.
I borrowed from the bank 96.000 swiss francs (2007) when the rate was 1.9 and now is 3.7 (almost double).

When I wanted to change the currency of loan 2 YEARS ago , the bank didn’t help me and dealt with superficially.

I was never thinking to find justice and fairness in the law of another country before.
For this reason I am looking for justice and my intention is to come to UK , to work there and to ask for help to the legal authorities from you country.

I can’t pay anymore this credit because it’s bigger then my salary and I am afraid that bank will execute me , and I will be pursue for the rest of the money all my life.I can mention that the company i have worked it is selling and it is possible to loose my job , to be fired.

Do you know or represented in your experience any citizen from my country with a similar case?

Can i come in Uk to declare bankruptcy after declare my COMI there and my country will recognise it?



To answer your question directly, yes, as Romania is in the EU, you can move to the UK, establish residency here, usually six (6) months, and if you can show the majority of your interests, or centre of interests in the UK, which means you work in the UK, bank in the UK, pay taxes, etc, you can go bankrupt in the UK and include debts from the EU.

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The issue is going to be that only unsecured debts are allowed in a UK bankruptcy. If any of your debt is secured, any loss or shortfall from a repossession would be unsecured and allowed to be included in a UK bankruptcy.

I am unsure what you are referring to when you mention Swiss Francs? If you have a loan based in Switzerland, it cannot be included in a UK bankruptcy as to my knowledge Switzerland has not fully entered or joined the EU.

As for who in the UK can help you go bankrupt, there are many companies that can assist you when the time comes.

I hope this helps.



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