I Left Debts in England. Will I Be Able to Return? – Fred

“Dear Jon,

I left England over 6 years ago and left behind me debts from credit cards,overdrafts and some bank loans. Now i have been offered a great job and want to return to UK. My question is what sort of difficulties are ahead of me? Have my debts been written off now after 6 years? Can you give me some information and possible legal advices please.

As i mentioned above i would like to have some legal advices and some information about possible difficulties before returning to UK.



I cannot provide you any legal advice, you would need to speak to a solicitor for that, but I can offer some insight and help I believe.

First, you should not have any problems coming back to the UK, as just leaving debts behind alone is not a reason to be detained or stopped in anyway. If the debts arose from criminal activity or are court fines, or there were any criminal charges brought against you, then there may be an issue.

It is possible for debts to be statute barred if a creditor has no contact with you for a period of six (6) years. There is a grey area here as a creditor may have attempted contact, but if you have not provided them with your current details, such as address or contact number, they could not contact you.

Can you afford to set-up a repayment plan if the debts are still owed?

When was the last contact you had from one of the banks or creditors?

Is your new employer using a credit inquiry or credit check as a part of their hiring process? Have you viewed your UK credit history recently?

For most jobs credit isn’t important, however some employers can use this in their hiring process, usually in banking, mortgages, the finance sector, etc. Just something to keep in mind.

There also is the possibility that when you return you come back up on the “radar” so to speak and your creditors begin to try and collect the debt(s) again. Also something to keep in mind.

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I hope this helps.



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