I Owe a Debt from the UAE that a Debt Collector is Chasing Me for in the UK. – Phil

“Dear Jon,

I was forced to leave the UAE in August of this year, I left credit card debt to the total value of AED 87K. I am now in the UK and have been contacted by a UK debt collection agency (DCA), stating they have been instructed by the UAE bank to recover the debt and handle the account.

Does the UK DCA have a legal position to recover the debt, as the debt was signed within the UAE and not in the UK, can they enforce a judgement here? Or is it just a means of applying pressure with a view that I will pay? How should I communicate with them, if at all?

Many Thanks



Have the UK debt collection agency sent you any documents in the post regarding the debt? When you spoke with them did they say they now owned the debt?

Debts do get sold onto collection agencies on a regular basis.

If the collection agency now has the debt to collect, then yes, they can collect it in accord with the laws and rules in the UK. But actually that is to your advantage, as the UK has lenient/easier laws and rules regarding debts, and collection of debts, than in the UAE.

Once you establish that the collection agency do indeed have the debt to collect, you can look at options.

Can you afford to make payments to the collection agency? If so, hopefully you can come to some terms on repayment.

If you cannot afford to repay the debt, you could look into a token repayment plan for a period, or possibly a debt management plan.

Do you have any other debts in the UK? Do you own any property or have any other assets in the UK?

Get back to me and we can look more at this.



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