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“Dear Jon,

hi, i lived in uk for about 2yrs and 8 months. I had to go back to my country because i couldn’t manage my expenses. I had some credit cards debt and overdraft (£5500 in total). i took 3 mobile sets on contract. As there was roaming facility on in one mobile i used it in my country. I owe £5500, to the company for this.

Now i am receiving emails and phonecalls from my landlord to repay the debts as the companies are sending letters to his address. He is sending the copies of the letters to me via email and fax.

I asked him not to open the letters and send it back. But he says, he is in trouble and can’t apply for mortgage and e.t.c.

Now he is harasing me socially and threatening to complain to interpole about it.

looking forward to your response.

How can i be reliefed?

Can i apply for bankruptcy from abroad.( i am a non EU citizen). what shall i do to have a peace of mind. I am not in condition to pay the dues.




When exactly did you leave the UK?

Do you own any property or have any assets where you now live or anywhere?

Can you afford to set-up a repayment plan of any kind?

If you have not been outside the UK for more than three (3) years, and in a non-EU country, you could have a representative handle a bankruptcy case for you in the UK. If you have been outside the UK for over the three (3) years, you may still be able to go bankrupt in the UK, but you would need to return to handle this yourself.

Are your creditors, or the mobile company, contacting you directly where you now live?

Have you informed them of your new contact details/address?

Depending where that is, they may not have any authority to try and collect the debt(s) there, but keep in mind debts do get sold onto collection agencies in other countries on a regular basis.

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As for your landlord’s threats, he can complain to whomever, but unless you owe the landlord money, he is a third party and not involved. He is upset as by having the negative post and collection letters coming the address there where you lived may show defaults and that someone there has poor credit. It also may be that if bailiffs get sent out it gets ugly and quite stressful.

So it may wind him up a bit.

I hope this helps.



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