My Father Left the UAE Owing a Lot of Money. Will They Charge My Mother in His Absence? – Jason

“Dear Steve,

My Father left Dubai recently with debts such as company loan, personal loan, and some credit cards from UAE local banks with total amount of approx 300,000 $. My mother is still in Dubai with clean background and no credits. my first question would be: is my mother responsible for my father debts? can they charge her with any case? and what will happen to her residence visa as my father was her sponsor? will she be banned? if yes how much time does she have?

and my second question is after complaint cases against my father and putting his name in black list, how long it will take for his company to get in black list as well?!
please reply as soon as possible,

thanks a lot,



I understand your concerns and they are genuine; having debts in Dubai is a serious matter.

To my knowledge your mother is not responsible for your father’s debts, although there have been instances of a husband being responsible for his wife’s debts, even though he did not sign for them. So if your mother did not sign or guarantee the debt, not to be vague, she should be fine.

Of course this doesn’t mean the banks won’t harass her or try to collect the debt.

The issue of her Visa as your father was her sponsor, can be a different matter. Is your mother working at all and supporting herself? If not, then how is she supporting herself, and what was the exact nature of her Visa?

Did she come to Dubai just to be with your father? Her country of origin, etc? It can get complicated and her Visa may not be permanent, just temporary.

In many instances for a spousal Visa, the sponsoring spouse take financial responsibility for the other. That is why I have the questions I do. It may be best to query this through Immigration or who assisted with the Visa as working and residency in Dubai is on a system of sponsorship. If your mother’s sponsor, your father, has left the country, again it gets complicated. As to a timeframe, I really could not say.

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Let me and others know how you get on and what you may find out.



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