I Am Disabled Due to a Hyper Virus Causing Blindness in One Eye. – Shayna

“Dear Steve,

I have a history of hyper’s virus of both my eyes. My riight eye is totally blindness,and left eye is 20/20 vison.

Over the 14 years, my retina doctor Dr. Jacobson It taken me off medication and every time I come off the medication my hyper’s virus returns. I am labeled disable and receive SSI and medicaid. I wend back to school in 2011-2012 with student loans, and grants.

I am labeled disable but can work part time, is the government grant or program out to help me pay the student loans back?


Dear Shayna,

It sounds like your doctor has been doing a good job of keeping your ocular condition under control, so that’s some good news. At least the identified medication is helping to protect your other eye and your vision remains good.

It would be difficult for me to estimate what, if any, programs might be available to assist you with your student loans since it seems you had this disability when you took out the loans. It does not appear to be a new situation.

In that case the best sources for information would be the school financial aid office or your current loan servicer. Hopefully these are subsidized government backed student loans and not private student loans.

If they are government backed student loans and you find yourself not able to make the required payments, it can lead to the garnishment of your Social Security payments.

You did not indicate if you are having problems paying on these loans but if you are, do not take out any more student loans until you deal with the ones you already have.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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