My Workforce Investment Act Student Loan Payment is Delayed and I’m Graduating

“Dear Steve,

I returned to school a couple of years back and am finally ready to graduate. This past spring I requested a name change from the courts (from my married name to my maiden name) as I really have no desire to be known through out the rest of my life as my ex’s wife. I never liked his last name and I like it even less now that he left me and my son. So I wanted to start fresh with my own name. The courts granted it. /whoowoo! I made sure everyone knew of the name change. I was very thorough with it, in fact WIA would not have been able to contact me all this time if I had not because my email changed too (school regulations).

At the time I was on the WIA program. Basically they help single moms like me who are unemployed or underemployed by aiding in school funding. This was a godsend and I was able to complete school faster. I would still have a whole 2 more semesters to go if I had not had their funding. So, now I am getting ready to graduate right?

I found out just a couple of weeks ago they denied the bill for Fall. I eventually got to the bottom of it. They denied it because they had the wrong last name for me. Clearly I was overjoyed… They did say they would pay it, now they knew what was up. The school even received confirmation that they would pay it. Well, they still haven’t and graduation is coming up fast. And of course the school is holding me responsible until it is – which means no diploma until it is paid.

What is a good short term loan that I could do to pay for this debt? I don’t have the funds myself and don’t want to take out another title loan.”

I suppose this is both a good news and bad news situation. The good news is that it looks like an administrative screwup that can be repaired. The bad news is there are not many, or any, short-term inexpensive loan options.

It seems to me that it would be far less costly to be a friendly thorn in the side of the funding agency and get this issue administratively resolved. Heck, call them every other day and make someone there your friend to get this moving along.

The downside is that the correction does not happen before you graduate but in that case all that would happen is the school might hold your transcripts or diploma till the funding was received.

My vote would be to work the problem with diligence and haste rather than turn to another loan. But if pressed the source for unsecured funds that I often suggest is for a debt consolidation loan. The loans are of course dependent on the applicants credit score so depending on your situation the rate may be up there.

The is no fee to apply for these unsecured loans and the repayment terms are pretty good. If you do decide to go that route, which I don’t suggest as the first route to take, let me know what your loan number is in the comments below and I’ll help to fund the loan.

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2 thoughts on “My Workforce Investment Act Student Loan Payment is Delayed and I’m Graduating”

  1. Dear Steve,

    It worked. My school also was hounding them on behalf (little did I know) and they resolved it for me. I am now ready to graduate. Now into the great big wide world. Wish me luck. I hear it’s a jungle out there these days.

    -Single Mom


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