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“Dear Jon,

Made request under CCA74 to Cabot financial (Europe) Ltd for true copy of credit card agreement which they claimed (under £2500) were in force since 2002.. They sent t&cs but no copy of the true executed agreement. Wrote to them to dispute their claim as unenforceable and stopped payments. They keep sending intimidating letters with threats of court action. 

Many thanks. 

I would recommend that anyone considering using such a company should read the following fee guides.


The loan in question, is this a loan or credit you actually did take out and now want to dispute based on not receiving a copy of the agreement? Did you sign anything when you took out the loan, or was it all done via the phone?

Why now do you want to dispute the debt? Do you have other debts as well?

My experience with these types of disputes is limited, but I can report what I seen and heard.

In many instances it becomes a point of law and so it becomes a legal matter. As such the cases I have heard of had a solicitor handle them in court and it was a judge’s decision as to if the loan or debt was still owed or not. Many of the banks/creditors were not going to stop trying to collect the debt just because a person states/feels they don’t owe the debt based on what some banks feel is a “technicality”.

What I am saying is that if you took the loan/money, you owe the debt. If you are looking for a way out of paying this, and if you have owed the debt since 2002, that is a long time, there may be other ways depending on if you are insolvent or not. Otherwise, you may need to have a solicitor look into this, or try to take it to court yourself. All of which can be costly in time and money.

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