Will I Be Arrested Trying to Leave the UK With Debt? – John

“Dear Jon,

I am currently international student and will be leaving the country towards the middle of 2013. I currently owe £400 to the banks and £196 on an unpaid mobile contract bill. As it has been more than 60 days since I’ve repaid both, I am assuming that my credit score and information has been circulated to the credit agencies.

Will I be arrested in the airport if I try to leave the UK?



You will not be arrested as you leave the UK just for the previously mentioned unpaid bills, so no worries there.

Are you returning to the UK?

Will you be in a position to pay the bills in the future?

Regardless, you will not have any issues leaving or returning to the UK just for the bills you mentioned, and if you cannot pay them now, maybe at some point in the future you may be able to pay them.

Your credit in the UK may be affected, as the arrears may be reported, but that alone does not affect your leaving or returning to the UK.



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