Can I File a DRO From Outside the UK?

“Dear Jon,

I have debt of 10K in UK. I took up these loans thinking I could repay them in due course of time.Although I did paid up for the 3 consecutive loan installment as I was earning.

But due to change in visa rules I was forced to leave job and cldnt find another job ultimately I had to make hard decsions of leaving UK without giving any consideration to my debt. But somewhere I think about what if lenders try to contact somehow. I want to take preventive action but I wasnt aware of DRO at that time.

I can file a DRO from a foreign country although my cousin still lives in UK and he can do some paperwork if needed.Could u please tell me how to file a DRO from abroad.My cousin still lives in UK he can help with paper-work if required. Your comments would be appreciated and I wish I would have met your column before so that I cld have filed DRO by now. But its never too late.”


Your situation is one that has become quite common and unfortunate in these times. Visa’s being revoked, immigration laws changed and people needing to leave the UK with jobs, and responsibilities.

You may be able to do a Debt Relief Order or DRO with the debts you have, but there can be some technical issues that you may need to work out.

How long have you been outside the UK? And in what country are you now residing? Do you have any assets?

As to actually doing a DRO, you need to get a “competent authority” to assist you or advise you on this.

This Debt Relief Order link will help in providing some additional information and advice.



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