Will I Run Into Trouble if I Left Debt in Dubai and Have to Travel Through to Change Planes? – Aussie

“Dear Jon,

I read through your forum and my question is probably the same as others. Anyway. I spend like 1 1/2 years in Dubai and left the country legally. Means, I put in my resignation, got my visa cancelled and left Dubai legally. Went back after a month for a few days. No problems at all. However, when I left Dubai my credit card had 47000 dirhams on it which I haven’t paid back. Why? Well, it’s not an excuse and I am aware I should have but due to the treatment I experienced in Dubai I just thought ‘f…’ them and I am not coming back!

Anyway, as I am now travelling a lot I might or might not be forced one day to fly to Dubai to grab another flight to another country. And now the past mentioned above is catching up with me.

I havent got any letter, email nothing from HSBC in Dubai to pay my debts. Absolutely nothing. I did receive some calls though from my former employer. Basically I didn’t take these calls. Anyway, when I left Dubai, I had about 47.000Dirhams on my credit card and now I am wondering how I can find out whether I am blacklisted etc.? Also, might they catch me at the airport while being in transit?

I read a few articles and it was said if your debts are less than US$30.000 I shouldn’t worry too much but actually I do.

Hopefully you have some answers for me? Ah and where could I find out whether my passport is blacklisted or not? By the way – when I left Dubai in August 2009 I did not get my iris scanned etc.




I understand your concerns and they are valid, people who have debts in Dubai and do not pay them, do face very harsh penalties.

Can you afford to repay the debt? Have you had any contact with the bank in question?

The first thing to do would be to find out if a warrant was issued against you. You can do this by contacting the local police there or having someone, possibly a solicitor, do this for you. If no warrant has been issued, then you should be fine.

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If a warrant has been issued, then going back could prove to be not a good idea. As for changing flights there, I have not heard of anyone having an issue, but then again if someone had been stopped or arrested, they may not have been able to advise others of this.

Find out first if there are any warrants outstanding and then you can make a more informed decision.



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