Lloyd Ward Law Firm Refused to Refund Money Sent to Him. – Carolyn

“Dear Steve,

Lloyd Ward law firm refused to refund money sent to him. I was with the debt resolution part of this company. They kept all monies for themselves ( except $100.00 per month to go toward settlements of about $50000.00 )I sent them about $1700.00 and received around $300.00 in refunds.

I have tried to get a response from you to mo avail. I was very disappointed that nothing seems to have been done to help me with this problem. I do not know if you contacted them or what. I guess nothing is going to be resolved after all this time.I suppose large companies like Lloyd Ward has the resources to deny any claim.I wont be annoying you again;

I tried to download my documents and share them with ” the get out of debt guy ” but it was stated that they didn’t recognize the name


Dear Carolyn,

I can only imagine you are frustrated. I am as well. I don’t remember not responding to any question you might have asked here on the site. I get to as many as I possibly can.

Lloyd Ward has sued me and this site. It appears that one objection of the suit was instructing people on how to ask for a refund if they were not happy with the services provided by any debt relief company. The initial step of that process is for people to contact the debt relief company they were working with and explain why they are unhappy with the services delivered. The first stop should always be to try to work out differences, unhappiness, and maybe even misunderstandings with the company directly.

Companies that place customer service first and work to mutually and amicably resolve customer service issues have few if any public complaints about their service since they bend over backwards to resolve any complaints.

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Only you can determine if you made a good faith effort to resolve your issues with the firm and if the company response was satisfactory to you. This isn’t a specific Lloyd Ward issue but just a general customer service issue in general. In fact I even wrote a comprehensive guide on how all companies can handle consumer complaints. See How to Handle a Consumer Complaint Like a Pro And Come Out Smelling Like a Rose.

I typically direct readers that have issues with any debt relief company to the online guide How to Try to Get a Refund From a Debt Relief Company.

But in this specific case I’m going to share with you the advice that Lloyd Ward allegedly sent out to consumers a couple of months ago.

A Message From the Desk of Lloyd E. Ward
October 26, 2012

Here at the Lloyd Ward Group we appreciate the opportunity to help all of our clients achieve financial freedom! We strive to make your debt settlement experience as pleasant and seamless as possible. Communication with you is a crucial part of what helps to make your program as successful as possible. One of our goals is to maintain the integrity of your account at all times.

We understand that you have chosen to close out your account with our office. It is your right as a consumer to make the decision on which company to entrust with resolving your debts. Our hope is that everyone making a decision on who to select does the research necessary before making their choice. We would like to provide you with the information needed to research such groups;

Unfortunately, there are many debt settlement companies operating illegally throughout the country. These companies do not have licenses to operate debt negotiation firms, yet they enroll consumers with the intent of collecting fees knowing that they will not be able to properly service the accounts. Retaining an illegal company could have serious repercussions and leave you in a worse position then when you started. We want to not only assist our current clients, but also educate consumers on locating a company that will work for your best interest.

There are many organizations set up to help consumer’s spot companies that are appropriately licensed in their particular field. You can contact the Consumer Complaint Division of your state’s Attorney General’s Office to report businesses operating without a license. You can go onto their website and search for your company’s license;

Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner Business License Verification

For consumer complaints or information on the business history of a debt settlement company you can contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Complaint Division. Here you are able to file complaints and read reviews or all Debt Management companies in the State. If you know of a company that is illegally operating, you can report them here;

Office of the Attorney General of Texas Complaint Department

You can also verify with The State Bar that the company is a licensed law firm. Any reputable debt settlement company will have a strong legal backing through an established law firm. You can verify their State Bar information at;

Texas State Bar Attorney Verification

If you feel that you have been contacted or enrolled with a Debt Settlement company that is illegally practicing, please contact one or all of the above mentioned organizations to report that group.

Educating yourself is the best way to ensure your debt settlement needs are properly met. We want to make sure that all consumers, whether using our services or not, have access to verify that their debt settlement firm is fully licensed to practice in the field of Debt Negotiation.

If you have questions or would like more information regarding these issues please feel free to give our office a call at (855) 366-0156.

Lloyd E. Ward
Lloyd Ward & Associates, PC
12655 N. Central Expressway
Suite 1000
Dallas Texas 75234
Toll Free (855) 366-0156
Telephone (972) 361-0036
Facsimile (214) 853-5530
email: lward@lloydwardservices.com

This email was sent to [ ] by beichelberger@lloydwardgroup.com |
Lloyd Ward Group | 12655 N. Central Expressway | Suite 1000 | Dallas | TX | 75234

If you have a specific consumer complaint you wish to share about any debt relief company, you can use this form.

And I would love for this to be a good news story and have you come back and comment that you were able to resolve the issue with that company and obtain a refund that was acceptable to you.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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