Will Pounds2Pocket Chase Me Down in Bangladesh? – Sabbir

“Dear Jon,

I lived in UK for about 4 years for study purpose. I needed some urgent cash loan and so I got £600 cash loan from an online company named pounds2pocket.

I think this pounds2pocket is a sister concern of Aspiremoney. I applied online, gave my details ..signed the agreement online and got the cash straight into my bank. I was supposed to pay £112 every month for 12 months long.

However due to extreme financial difficulties I could not pay a single instalment and left UK. Moreover I also borrowed £400 from Provident Personal Credit and I was supposed to pay off certain amount every week to the local collector who used to visit my home. I managed to pay 5 weekly payment , each time the home collector got £20 from me as loan payment. Thereafter I was in no longer a position to pay and very soon I had to leave UK without even informing Provident or pounds2pocket. Now after coming back to BD I am very worried.

I am really helpless. I have no plan to go back to UK in next 10 years as I wish to settle in my country forever. however I am very much concerned as to what action this 2 companies will take against me? Will they trace me in Bangladesh?

As to Pounds2pocket I did not even pay any single instalment..so is there any possibility that they may bring criminal charge against me and if I ever go to UK for holiday can I be arrested? Had I been able to pay off a single payment I would not have become this much worried.

And with regard to Provident Personal Credit out of £400 I just paid about £100. The agent knows my address where I used to live in UK.My concern is when he will be informed by my house mates that I left UK and returned to BD what action he or the company will take? Will they trace me in Bangladesh? Will I be made to repay the loan by force in Bangladesh? What are the problems I might suffer?Please advise.

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Unless the debts are sold to a collection company there in Bangladesh, it is doubtful the loan companies can do anything there to you.

The extent of collecting the debts by these loan companies is going to be in the UK alone. That doesn’t mean that they will not send you notices or attempt to contact you to try an collect the debt, but since you are outside the UK there is very little they can do.

Can you afford to make payments to the debts?

The only issue arises is if the loan companies sell the debts onto a collection firm there in Bangladesh, as then the debts can be collected there in accord with the collection laws of that land. As to if this will occur, I cannot say, but I would venture it is doubtful.

Also, if you plan to return to the UK, don’t worry as leaving debts behind in UK is alone not a reason to be worried or fear of being stopped.



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