I Had to Leave the UAE for Turkmenistan and Left Debt Behind to Dunia Finance Bank and HSBC. – Temur

“Dear Jon,

I lost my job on October so before that My job was excellent I was getting 7800 AED salary and was employed for almost 3 years. on May this year I got 100.000 loan form one of the bank and till October I paid. Suddenly I company informed me to look for another job and they gave me 1 month notice (which mean my residence visa will not be canceled during this period) I tried for 20 days to look for another job but unfortunately I could not find then i had to leave the country because of no option . I left the country (Dubai) end of October. Before i left I called to bank to check my closing principal amount it was 85.000 AED and + 40.000 AED credit card with 2 different banks. which 30.000 AED with Dunia finance bank and 10.000 AED with HSBC.

So my question is I am in my country in Turkmenistan and (also I changed my passport as per government procedure and rules everybody is getting the new biometric passport) worried about the Interpol. Can bank open the case against me thru the Interpol or can the bank inform to Interpol, or they will blacklist me in UAE only how it works ?

Please give me the best answer what will happen I need your best advice.

Looking for to hear from you .



Unfortunately your situation is not unusual, but the country you live in was a first for me, so thanks for a bit of a geography lesson.

It is doubtful, and nothing I have heard of or had experience regarding Interpol being involved in a person leaving Dubai due to debts or for anything that is or was non-criminal. So I would think you have no worries there.

The issue may be if you were to return to Dubai, and if a warrant had been issued against you, then you may have a problem. But from what you have stated, the fact you have changed your Passport, I would question if you would have any issues or not.

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But why take a chance.

Are you planning on returning to Dubai? If so then you may want to inquire there as to if any warrants are outstanding. Otherwise, I think you’ll be fine.



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