America’s Consumer Advocacy Group & Denny Lake Sent Me to Elite Legal Group. – Fran

“Hi Steve,

I’m a 58 year old single mom I live in garden grove California and I need a loan modification BAD. I’m on a 10 yr IO and I can’t get any help from Wells Fargo we qualify for making homes affordable according to my HAMP report we got from America’s consumer advocacy group. The under writer Denny Lake told us we qualified and now referred us to elite legal group but I paid Mr.lake to do a service called home ownership advocacy and all I got was a financial worksheet and a rest report for 2200.00 and now I’m being asked to spend another 4000.00 for my mod. Steve why do these companies always try to up sell consumers on things we don’t need what do think? Ill wait your response

thank you

Dear Fran,

Why? To collect as much money as possible.

I wonder if the company told you that you could actually speak to a HUD Housing Counselor for mortgage help for free? These housing counselors are subsidized by the government and offer free assistance to those with mortgage issues.

Obviously I can’t speak about the particular motives of any one company or individual. I would suggest you contact a HUD Housing Counselor and use the links below as well.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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3 thoughts on “America’s Consumer Advocacy Group & Denny Lake Sent Me to Elite Legal Group. – Fran”

  1. I’m the owner of this one man army which is called America’s Consumer Advocacy Group. I have recently come across your website with these false allocations of my company. I have NO affiliation with any of the people or companies listed in these false statements and accusations. I have never met or spoken on the phone with any body from these companies. My company does not charge any upfront fees. And I have many testimonials to prove I run a reputable company. In over two years of business. I have never had one complaint filed against me.

    Doing further on my research about Denny Lake and these companies there is a pending court case involving this person Robert Goodrich. I believe he is making these false accusations:

    Robert Goodrich

    5755 Avenida Estoril

    Long Beach, CA 90804

    Case Number


    These companies have filed charges against this person that is making accusations about their business practices. In return these companies have filed complaints and suits against Robert Goodrich who I believe is writing these statements. I believe my name has come up through a company that I used about a year ago to run NPV reports. That is my conclusion and how you might think that I’m affiliated. That company runs NPV reports for over 1000 law firms in this country.

    Regardless of what there issues are, this has NOTHING to do with me!

    I have worked hard these last couple of years to establish a reputable reputation. I feel that it is not fair that people that have never worked with me or even been a client of mine can make these FALSE accusations and expose them without confirmation.

    I ask you please remove my home address which I assume you unintentionally posted along with my website. I would love the opportunity to address any of your questions or concerns. I come to you respectfully and ask you to complete my wishes. If not I will file suit for deplumation of character and any harm done to my business! You will be receiving a letter from my attorney as a formality.


  2. I would love the opportunity to help (Fran) for free. She can also cross reference my number’s to see that she has NEVER spoken to a Deny Lake. I am the only person that speaks to clients. I have one other person that works for me and she is a processor. YOU ARE CONFUSING ME WITH “America’s Consumer Advocacy LAW Group”!! Steve you are doing a disservice to your readers by posting false statement. So why would anyone believe you when it comes to debt?


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