There is Life After Debt and It’s Awesome

I spend so much time thinking and living in the world of debt that I’ve realized it is equally important to talk about life after debt.

When you are in debt it is an intense and immediate feeling. Some say they feel as if they are drowning. Some say they feel like they are covered by a dark cold veil. Others say it is a time of stress, tension and anger. And all are right.

When you are living in debt it never feels like life will be back to being fun again. It feels dark and depressing. You lose your ability to dream of better things or even allow yourself the luxury of lowering your guard for more than a few minutes to enjoy the moment.

It’s time we stop feeling like that and start dreaming about a life after debt for two reasons.

The first is that it’s easier to get where you are going if you know where you want to go. If you can visualize the life you want to lead, the map to get there is easier to create and the goal is easier to achieve.

The second is that working towards a life after debt will make those living in the shadows of debt hopefully realize that debt does not have to define you. Debt is just a condition, not a statement about your personal value or goodness.

I may not be in the grasp of debt at the moment like I once was, but helping people with money worries every day brings back those old memories and emotions I lived through. They never go completely away for me but I can assure you that once you’ve dealt with your debt issues and move forward with your life, your entire life gets better.

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The drawback for many is they feel emotionally wounded by the pain of debt and like less of a person after dealing with debt. But as I’ve said before:

The only person judging you is yourself and maybe some other people you may personally know that don’t have a clue about the reality of debt.

You are not a loser. You are a debtor. Those are two very distinct things. Because you are a debtor, you are not also by default, a loser. People confuse the two all the time. Debtor does NOT EQUAL loser.

Cut yourself some slack. The reason you are probably panicking about debt right now is because there has been some change in your life circumstance. Your income has been reduced, your expenses have been increased or you’ve suffered an injury or medical problem.

The debt is the byproduct of some underlying issue that has led to the creation of this unmanageable financial obligation. If you want to jump on something, then start focusing on the issue that caused the imbalance and the debt.

If you can cut expenses, do it. If you can increase income, do it as well. But the last thing you should do is to label yourself as a loser. You are not.

You deserve dignity as you dig your way out of debt. Read Debt with Dignity. – Source

It’s Okay to Dream

One of the most important lessons I learned in dealing with my debt was that it is okay to dream about a better future as you get out of debt. A better day is ahead and your life will be better if we tackle the debt and move towards a better life as quickly as possible.

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We can deal with the debt and the debt situation is actually less of a priority for me than helping you to realize and start to lives towards a better life.

But what is it you want to accomplish?

Some of my Facebook friends offered the following dreams and goals:

  • Become financialy independent and don’t worry about money anymore.
  • Create and follow a budget, give 10% away.
  • I dream of a home, and a full time job with insurance.

You can add your dreams as well on the Facebook post and share your dreams with others.

You Don’t Have to Feel Guilty About Wanting a Happier Life

Everyone deserves the possibility of feeling happy. And realizing that a better future awaits you is the first step towards regaining your happiness.

Dealing with the debt and moving forward towards a happier life is so important that I even wrote a book about it and I give away the book for free right here.

Where many go astray and scupper their dreams is wanting to pursue happiness by paying for it. It doesn’t take long to learn that the pursuit of happiness through consumption is not a sustainable or viable solution.

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While spending and buying may make you feel good for the moment, it’s just not a game plan that will make you feel happy in your soul. Real happiness has to be created through giving, gratitude, and the ability to live within your income.

I Want to Know Your Dreams and Help You Achieve Them

I really want to hear from you about what your dreams are.

You can post them here on Facebook, add them in the comments below, or pin your dreams on my board on Pinterest so we can all share them. Be sure to follow the board on Pinterest.

It’s Time for You to Start Dreaming

Right now it is time for you to start dreaming of a better financial future and letting me help you come up with a plan to tackle the current situation. Your happiness awaits you. The real question is are you going to show up for it or are you going to be stuck at the bus station when your ship comes in.

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I’d love to hear from you about this. Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

If you have a question you’d like to ask just use the online form. I’m happy to help you totally for free.

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10 thoughts on “There is Life After Debt and It’s Awesome”

  1. This is quite a site! My reality is 30k of cc debt for reasons I don’t even understand. It took me six yrs to get to where I am. I’m all I’ve got besides Jesus and now this website. Everything in the article “Life after debt” relates to me. I want to have a life but right now I feel I’m in prison. I am divorced and recently thought about dating, then the brick wall hit me – wait! Who in their right mind would want to date someone with this much debt. Maybe I like to spend too much time thinking about the future instead of the here and now..I’ve spent 3 days off doing my usual, going through bills. I’ve made progress – mentally, physically – started back w/exercise, and always spiritually. I’m sticking with this site, I need lots of info and inspiration to get out of deebt!!

  2. I dont know what to do. my debt was inherited by my husband to me. We just got married, but before we were his mother sold his paid off car because her name was on the title…had to be he had no credit. but before I meet him back when he was 18 his mother Co signed a student loan with him for 25,000$ he had only used 8,000$ off it for school then he got in a car accident and almost died. He didnt go back to school and was still in therapy he could not work….so his mothe used the rest of his school money on a kitchen upgrade and some expensive colthes and furniture and his sister took 5,000$ to buy a car. So in 2011 year we got a settlement and he got a job and we were okay….until his mother demanded 6,000$ from his settlement…. I dont know why but he gave it to her. He paid 7000$ to pay off the car she sold this year. We got that money back and we went and bought a 14,000$ car…used the 7,000$ as a down payment. We owe 12,000$ on the car now and 30,000$ for a student loan which his mother has the only access to, to pay the loan monthly. We have been giving her 150$ a month to pay for the loan for 5 years now. I feel they should have gave all that money back to the bank. BTW my husband lost his job back 4 months ago…and I only make 12 an hour FT 40 hrs a week. 24996$ a year and rent is 970$ a month. I am so scared.

  3. I think we should all have great dreams. Aiming his is an awesome way to stay motivated, even if you don’t make your goals, you will still reach a bit higher than with no goals at all.


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