I’m a Special Education Teacher and Thought My Student Loans Would be Forgiven. – Debbie

“Dear Steve,

I have student loans that I was told would be forgiven once I taught Special Education in a High Needs/qualifying district for 5 years. Well I’m now on my 5th year and they want to deny loan forgiveness because I had approximately $800 left on undergraduate loans. However the issues I have with this are as follows: 1. They put that loan that was coming out of my account automatically on deferment when I entered graduate school. 2. When I was in my last year of school and I noticed this fine print, I immediately called to try to make sure this didn’t affect my loan forgiveness and was told by a US Dept of Education representative that as long as I had it all paid back before my loans went into repayment it was fine, so I paid over the phone that day. 3. Now they are telling me I am eligible for no loan forgiveness through teaching special education at all. I can’t afford this loan. I am a single mother of one (who’s fa ther just passed away this summer), we have no health insurance and I just cannot afford to pay these student loans back, but feel like I’m at a dead end trying to appeal to the federal government. What recourse do I have?

Teacher student loan forgiveness, I work in special education in a high needs district, however the federal government is denying my application for student loan forgiveness. Please see the back ground information about my question for details. Please help me understand how to appeal this decision?

Thank you.


Dear Debbie,

It is my understanding that the public service loan forgiveness program is for ten years of service.

See Student Loan Public Service Loan Forgiveness – New Forms and Documentation Released

It sounds like you might want to place the remaining loan in the Income Based Repayment Program or Income Contingent Repayment Program to get you a affordable payment than letting it sit and just build interest. Also look at consolidating your student loans and then putting them all in the IBR program.

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  1. What makes this even more interesting is the PSLF program requires the eligible loans to be consolidated but it seems there was that non-coforming loan that prevented consolidation.


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