Will I Be Arrested at the Bahrain International Airport Because of My Past Debt? – Raffi

“Dear Jon,

i left sharjah in june 2011. and i have 3 cridit cards outstanding , all are less then 40k.aed.

i left sharjah , uae in 2011 june with 3 cridit cards outstanding.

know i got an offer in Saudi Arab , and they are calling me to an interview in Bahrain.
if i go to Bahrain is there any chance to get arrested in Bahrain Airport ? pls advised i was so much confused in this matter.

i want to go to saudi and i will clear all the depts in my first take salaries immediately , that’s what i planed.



Have you been in contact with the banks you owe the money to?

Do you have any means to make payments or anyone to help you pay the credit cards?

My advice would be to inquire either with the local police in Sharjah or a solicitor as to if any warrants have been issued by the banks there against you.

If there are any warrants, then you do need to be careful in your moving about the country. From what I have heard, and read, if you are in a GCC country, there is the possibility of having the warrant enforced there. Others here may be able to offer additional advice or share their experiences.

Let me know how you get on with this.



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  1. My case is the same with Raffi. After I ran out for yrs ago in UAE coz of credit card and loan issues, I came back again working in GCC (KSA) and luckily I entered immigration without hassles. As I stayed here in KSA for just merely months now, the bank’s collection call center agent has traced me and asking for my immediate payment.. I wonder how they traced my Saudi number. Now, I’m worried maybe one day, if I’ll go out of the country for my yearly vacation, I will be detained in immigration or might be extradited. Any idea on this matter? Is HSBC UAE independent to other HSBC around the world?


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