I Can’t Get a Private Student Loan to Finish My Nursing Degree With a Tax Lien. – Shelia

“Dear Steve,

In February 2012 I filled for an Offer In Compromise with Georgia Department of Revenue. I am a nursing student and I am not employed. I received a call from the State Department wanting me to make payment arrangements for $50.00. I explained that paying $50.00 a month will cause a hardship and is not feasible since I am living off of student loans.

My offer was for $1,000.00 (obtained from my life insurance) and the balance at the time was $2,300.00. My offer was denied. I contacted the taxpayer advocate in May, after giving me the run around she requested that I fill out another application, and it was months and months and in August it passed down to someon else and September my offer was denied again because I refused to make payment arrangements.

I was told to contact them after I graduate and we can work out another payment arrangement. At this point, I had exhausted my Stafford Loans and I need Private Loans to pay for my education. With the tax lien on my credit I cannot get a loan nor do I have a co-signer.

I am asking two questions: How to take care of my tax lien and where can I go for Private Loans to continue my education?


Dear Shelia,

You might just have to drop out, work full time, make enough to pay the tax lien and then go back to school.

In the past few years private student loan lenders have tightened their standards and are now actually lending using credit worthiness as a measure of suitability, rather than just a pulse.

You could also talk to the final aid office at your school and see if they have any specific suggestions based on their available funding sources.

Additionally the Georgia Nurses Association offers some scholarships as well. And Johnson & Johnson have a nice site with financial assistance resources as well.

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