Bradford Law Firm, Blake Goldberg, National Consumer Advocates – Consumer Complaint – January 7, 2013

Consumer Statement:

I first learned about The Bradford Law Firm through a national television show. I then looked them up online. So, I felt very comfortable when I initially contacted The Bradford Law Firm and spoke with Jim at 800-663-4396 in July, 2011, in reference to doing a mortgage modification. For the record, this complaint is in reference to debt settlement. The Bradford Law Firm did successfully and satisfactorily modify my mortgage.

However, soon after they (Bradford Law Firm) began my mortgage modification, I learned they also had debt settlement. I was referred to Blake GoldBerg who was suppose to negotiate my debt. I was told that I would have to pay 9% of my total debt as a fee. Then at least $95 per month until the debt was settled. I was told that no other up front money would be pe paid until the debt was negotiated. I was also told that I could pay the total amount of initial fee in one payment. I was told the debt would be settled down to at least 30%. I signed the forms that had been emailed to me, and sent an initial payment of $500 (cashier’s check) and all other documents (copies of credit card statements). Blake told me that the more money I sent the easier it would be negotiate the debt. So, I continued to send money even after I had paid the initial fee.

Debt collectors continued to call me. I would ask Blake why this was happening especially since he was telling me he was negotiating the debt and I had been sending money. He then told me that I needed to sign a new POA form. He told me that he was doing new and exciting things (National Consumer Advocates. The welcome letter asked me to fax or email all documents to [email protected] or 720-583-1279.

I was becoming doubtful but I continued to do what he asked. He would contact me by phone, email, and text (cell phone). Soon, he was not returning my calls for days at a time. Then when I would speak with him he would say, “I need more money to settle this debt”. I would question him as to why I was continuously getting phone calls from debtors. Then, in about June 2012 I received a letter and I was being sued by one of the debtors. I asked Blake why is this happening. He said he would compose a letter to give to the court house.

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At this point, and after numerous unanswered phone calls, emails, etc. I knew that I had been scammed. I had sent over $3000 total and no debt had been setteled. He stopped communicating with me. To make matters worse, my husband lost his job during this time. I had to pay in full the debtor who was sueing me or my wages would have been garnished. I fell behind on my mortgage and now I am in fear of losing my home. There was a total of two debts that Blake was suppose to settle. The one is now paid after I was sued and the other is still just hanging out there unpaid and on my credit report. I just want my money back and put towards settling the debt and getting my credit back on track. I have all of the receipts for money that was paid to The Bradford Lawfirm/Blake Goldberg and National Consumer Advocates (NCA). I have alot of saved emails, etc. It is much too much to upload but I can fax or mail copies.

Consumer Action Taken:

I called Blake Goldberg several times a day. I texted, and emailed him. He just quit communicating with me. He was suppose to settle two debts for me. I sent over $3000 for which I have the receits. I was sued by one of the creditors. I attempted to avert the law suit by sending via certified mail all copies of communicatin, paid receits, signed documents, etc. The law firm denied ever receiving the certified mail and I eventually had to pay the total amount of credit card debt plus other fees or my wages would be garnished. This caused a hardship for me because my husband lost his job and we were barely making it then I had to pay this money and now I am behind on my mortgage payments and in fear of losing my home. I also tried to appeal the law suit through the court but everything I do with them is either dismissed or denied. I am at a lost. I just want money back or money already paid to go towards debt settlement and correcting my credit. I would like to speak with someone before I submit any documents. I am sorry. I am just leery due to everthing that has happened to me.

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Date This Problem Happened: July 6, 2011

State You Live in: Ohio

Race/Ethnicity: Black or African American

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Bradford Law Firm, Blake Goldberg, National Consumer Advocates

Company Address:

1460 South McCall Rd
Unif 4F
Englewood, FL 34224

Company Telephone Number: 800-663-4396

Website of Company:

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