A Guy Keeps Calling And Says He Has a Summons for Me About Some Debt. – Stefannie

“Dear Steve,

Private number keeps calling saying there has been a summons for me. He states I can call the company at 866-239-0475 and settle out of court. He also claims he as on e was to my work. I didnt call back BC when I Google the number it led to a scam. The guy also called my work while I was out and told my coworker I better show up to court tomorrow. I looked and all my court system and nothing is outstanding for me. How is this stopped?

How can I stop this?


Dear Stefannie,

You can stop him with anger or empowerment. I’d suggest the empowerment approach.

If you don’t recognize the debt they say you owe then let’s start with the premise this is a scam to scare you to pay money you don’t owe. That’s typically the case.

Next time the person calls ask them the following questions in a calm voice.

  1. What courthouse is the action filed?
  2. What is the case number?

Thank them for the information, hang up and then just call that courthouse and ask them to lookup the case number to see if it really exists. You’ll find it doesn’t.

You can also spot the scammer because they will ask you to pay by MoneyGram or Western Union to an overseas address or get a prepaid card and send it to them.

They may also claim to be some law enforcement officer collecting on an unsecured loan.

Be aware that when you dial a toll-free number the person you call can capture the phone number you are calling from. Don’t call from your cell phone.

As far as your co-workers go, tell them it’s a scam and fill them in on what’s happening.

The only way to make it stop is to change the telephone numbers they are calling you on or show them you can’t be intimidated by smoke and mirrors.

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  1. I could not think of a scam more sophisticated, complex, cruel and more persistent than this one. I’ve read a lot of complaints posted at Callercenter and it makes me wonder of the authorities are actually doing something about them at all.


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