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I’m Judgment Proof But They Keep Trying to Sue Me. – Anita

By on January 11, 2013

“Dear Steve,

went judgement proof in 2008, haven’t had no problems till lately.

within the month a process server came to serve legal papers but I am in a wheelchair and did not get to door before he left
he will be back….in 2009 i reicieved a default judgement in the mail, now they are comingto my home. I am unable to go to court,no transportation,debilitateing desiese getting worse
how do i handle this problem, I am not trying to hide, i am unable to go to court……how long is a judgement in CO?
when does this end????????


Dear Anita,

The phrase “judgment proof” is misinterpreted by many. It does not mean you can’t be sued. It just means when you are sued and lose your assets are exempted from being attached to satisfy the judgment.

I am not a lawyer but I looked for some information online to try and answer your question. According to one site, in Colorado, “A judgment lien expires after seven years, but the creditor can renew the judgment lien to keep it intact. Thus, it can last forever in some cases.” – Source

If you have no assets and want all of this to go away, you can either file bankruptcy to discharge all of your past obligations, including the judgment, or just ignore it all. Ignoring it will just leave you in the same spot you are in now.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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