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“Dear Jon,

I was working in a good company in Dubai and took a personal loan and had a credit card from the bank.suddenly during the 2008 recession my company dealing with construction industry had to down size as a result i lost my job

i had just taken the loan and managed to pay inspite of the job loss and managed to find other job on alower salary and scrapped enough to pay the installments

during this difficult financial phase i had skipped a installment

the bank had a filed a case and i was summoned to the police station and arrested i had to get myself released surrendering my passport after almost a week

by then when my new employer came to know about this terminated my services regretably but due to compay policies

i have been detained again and came out on bail to see if i could manage to raise some funds and settle with bank but was unable to do

meanwhile i had to send my family home

i had developed severe complication bcos of diabetes and am recovering now
during the first sentence i had a sentence of 3 months which i have served 1month before coming on bail.

now many months have passed and i am in voilation of bail failing to settle with bank

now my question is and like to know
if i surrender to the police will there be penalities for voilation of bail
secondly after completing my sentence
will i be able to exit the country
as my family needs me to be with them to support them
is it possible after completing the sentence
i will be able to get employment visa if i get any job
would highly appreciate if you answer this question
and very grateful



I can sympathise with you situation, unfortunately the questions you are seeking answers to are indeed more of a legal issue, which requires someone trained in the law such as a solicitor, etc, to address them.

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I would like to think that after you complete any sentence or time in jail, if you do have to go back, that once you have finished this your passport would be returned and you could leave. But again, this is more of a legal matter.

As for employment, once you can leave the country, then again I would hope you could find suitable employment. However some employers do ask about any criminal records, but this can depend on the employer, the nature of the job, etc.

Sorry I am not much help here, but your concerns do appear to be more of a legal matter.



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