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I Made My Truck Payment But They Repoed My Truck Anyway. – Susan

Written by Steve Rhode

“Dear Steve,

I made a truck payment a month late. My truck payment is usually do on the 7th of every month. I made December’s payment on January 10th, called and gave my reference number to the finance company. They said they were going to try there best to fax the cancellation of repo order, but it may be done the next day do to it being after hours.

Friday, January 11th about 11 they picked up my truck. Repo never got paperwork of cancellation and finance company stated they still hadn’t received payment. I called the finance company an hour later, and they stated they received payment thirty minutes ago. Now they are charging me repo fees and to pay January payment before I can get my truck back. Is this right or am I over reacting?


Dear Susan,

Here is the difficult issue, we know you made the payment late but it does not appear we have any proof when they actually got the payment.

Unless you have some independent proof of when they payment was received, like a delivery person confirmation, the payment isn’t received until it is posted to your account.

If you made your payment through you bank online system, by Western Union, online, via a card, etc. then we might have some way to trace the exact payment time.

I suspect this was not the first time you were late with a payment. Their response sounds typical of a short leash people get on after having been late in the past.

You can go charging in a make a scene, but I suspect that learning from this experience is the best outcome. I would give the lender a call, explain what happened, and offer to split the charge with them unless you can find some definitive proof of the exact minute they got the payment.

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  • I need to know what to do. I made a car payment & I have my receipt. The car dealer stated they faxed paper out to stop the repossession, nevertheless my car was taken that same evening & when I called the dealership acted like oh well what do I want them to do. Is this legal & please tell me what I should do?

    In desperate need of help

  • I kind of have the same.situation, I found this article very helpful along with all the others, keep up the great work!!! 🙂

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