Gambler On Call – Consumer Complaint – January 16, 2013

Consumer Statement:

First of all, don’t buy anything from www.gamblersoncall.com!!! It is a complete and total SCAM!!! They claim that you can make a lot of money using their gambling system, but you only lose money! Trust me, I bought the product and used it at a live casino in Las Vegas and lost everything! I lost over $1000!!! It is just another gambling system that promises everything and delivers nothing!!! Below I wrote about my experience with www.gambleroncall.com and its unethical practices. Consumer Beware!!!

I heard about this website from the following ad on craigslist:

<<<>> $199

Gambler On Call has operated since the late nineties. They refer to themselves as the largest, legal gambling syndicate in the country. They operate using the same principals as neighborhood investment clubs have for decades. Bottom line; they help people start their own gambling syndicates to help them maximize their fun and profits in casinos across the country.


15,000 strong and growing….


I never heard of the website or the company before. I looked all over the internet and couldn’t find any reviews of people who have actually signed up with them or that had been successful.

Their website was very appealing giving testimonials of people who had used their “system” turning $100 investment into $7000 monthly income just gambling. They claim that they have compiled a group of over 15,000 people who are gambling nationwide and all the players are successful gamblers. The name of the guy running the website is Michael Burke. He claims they have been testing, monitoring, and profiting using his system since 1997. The product that is sold on the website is an e-book called “The Master Guide Program”.

Everything on the website seemed positive and there seemed to be a real potential to make money since so many other people had been successful. So I decided to give it a try, although a part of me was still skeptical, as I have been ripped off before.

The ad on craigslist said the cost was $199, but they had a discounted price of $159.20 on their website. As soon as I made the purchase, they sent me an email with access to the “The Master Guide Program” e-book. I took the next few days to study the material. Michael Burke talks about how he lost and won a lot of money at the casinos. One day he meet a homeless guy on a bus stop bench who starts telling him the secrets of gambling in Vegas, next thing you know he creates a gambling club who he claims has been successful since 1997.

In the book, he also describes profiling blackjack dealers looking for ones that look “nervous” or looking for craps tables that have “a lot of energy” as if crowded tables or nervous dealers somehow make you more money at the casinos. Then it goes into basic strategy and a couple betting progression techniques just like so many betting systems that are out there. Even after reading the e-book over and over a few times I decided to keep an open mind and at least try out the techniques.

So, I memorized the methods that were provided in the e- book and went to Vegas for the weekend to try them out. I started with a $1000 and by the time the weekend was over I lost virtually my entire bankroll using “The Master Guide Program” e-book I purchased. I never deviated from the method of play that was described in the book, but I still lost all my money.
I come back to town on Monday and describe my experience to Michael Burke in an email. He responds to me 2 days later and said he was sorry for my loss and was wondering what casino games I played and how much money I was betting. I responded, letting him know the games I played and the money I bet. Michael responded saying “Its gambling! Sometimes you lose in the short run, but all our members win consistently!”

I couldn’t believe my ears, so I asked for a refund and he responded saying “As far as refunds, we’ve never offered refunds. You can’t read the book, run to a casino one time and say it doesn’t work.”

Then I started thinking. Michael Burke has been able to recruit over 15,000 members to be part of this gambling club. He typically charges $200 for his “Master Gambling E-Book”. If you do the math, he has made over $3,000,000 selling his “Master Guide Program” e-book. So, the question that comes to mind is, is this guy really making money gambling or is he just making money from people buying this “Master Gambling E-Book”. Even he is making money gambling, where did his bankroll come from? Oh that’s right, from sales on his e-book.

Bottom line is this. This website is selling an e-book that describes a “system” that doesn’t work. It’s just like any other gambling system that is out there on the internet that eventually fails. If the owner of the website is making so much money through gambling, why does he charge for his e-book, why not make it free if he really wants to help people? Oh that’s right, because maybe most of the money that he actually makes is coming from his e-book sales, not gambling.

Michael Burke is a total scammer, looking to take peoples hard earned money and doesn’t care whether or not you lose money using his gambling techniques.
Below I have the email exchange between Michael Burke and Myself.

Hello Michael,
I took my time studying the material that you sent in your e-book. I wanted to make sure that I knew the material very well before I started using my money in a live casino. I used your “system of play” to the T following your progression rules and rules for the table games that you outlined. I just came back from Las Vegas on a weekend trip. I left with a bankroll of $1,000 and I came back with virtually nothing left losing my entire bankroll. I followed your system word for word and made sure I never deviated from it, but I still managed to lose everything. I don’t know what to do…Do you have any suggestions? I am very discouraged at this point.

Thank You

(Response after 2 days)

Hey Charlie, sorry for the bad experience!
A few quick questions…You lost $1,000, what size bank were you playing out of? What size bets were you playing? What games did you play? Where did you play? How many sessions did you play?
You said it was a week-end trip, how much total time was spent actually gambling?

Michael Burke
Membership Director

(My response)

Hello Michael,
I started with a Bank Roll of $1000. Based on master guide you provided, the only comparable was $750 bank roll with $150 buy in and $5 unit bets. So I used $5 bets. I played at the Hooters Casino and I only played craps and blackjack. I played 6 sessions before I lost virtually my entire bankroll. Each session took hours as I would go down and then up in my buy in but eventually lost it all. I played basic strategy with blackjack like you recommended in your book and played craps with your recommendations as well. I looked for nervous dealers at the blackjack table, and craps table where the action was happening. I played the progression just as you outlined in your book, every time I lost a progression I would start over just as you stated. Anytime I lost my buy in I would leave the table as suggested. I didn’t let my emotions get involved and I stuck to your rules to the T.

(Still didn’t get a response 3 days later, so I asked for a refund and wrote this)

Hello Michael,
I would like to request a full refund for the money I paid for your e-book. The “system of play” you described didn’t work for me and I only lost money when I actually used your techniques at a live casino. If I do not receive a refund within the next 24-72 hours I will have to assume that you have no intention of giving me a refund. I will therefore request a chargeback from my credit card company, as well as post negative reviews on every possible blog I can find on the internet about your company and it practices. If I get a refund, I will do no such thing. I only think it is common courtesy since I lost $1000 using your techniques at a live casino and didn’t profit from your “system of play” then I am entitled to a refund since your product didn’t live up to what you promised, which is being profitable.
Thank You

(Finally got a response after 5 days of hearing nothing…)

Hey Charlie, I just was forwarded your email. I’m down in San Diego with a group at Pechanga Casino..be back in Vegas tonight, I’ll take a look at everything and get back to you tomorrow! Thanks

(Here is the email he sent next day)
Here’s the way your play should have broken down. If you start with a $750 bank, use $150 buy-ins with $5 bets. Each play day, you would only play 5 tables and your maximum loss for the day would be $105. As you play each table, you need to follow the win/loss worksheet on page 50. If you follow this, your worse day of play would be a 70% loss of your $150 buy-in. You also need to also take a look at Page 33 and your safety factors. Once we add the ‘members only’ page to our site, you’ll be able to get one on one advise from members that have been playing and winning.

As far as refunds, we’ve never offered refunds. You can’t read the book, run to a casino one time and say it doesn’t work…it’s gambling! Our members win consistently, but in a short run, they can also loss and that is what you did.

You’ll receive your user ID and password shortly to access the ‘members only’ page.

(I never responded to this last email he sent and decided to post my experience with Michael Burke and his website www.gamblersoncall.com everywhere I on the internet)

Please don’t waste your hard earned money on this guys system!!! You will regret it!!! I am only taking the time to do this so you don’t lose a bunch of money like I did.

So is this a winning system? In my experience no. In most peoples experiences? Probably not. Yes, I did lose over $1000, but at least now I can provide you who are reading this, an unbiased, objective experience and you can now make an educated decision on whether or not buying Michael Burkes e-book or other products is something you should do.

Good Luck

Consumer Action Taken:

I tried to contact the company to get a refund and they refused, thus I am making every consumer aware of their unethical practices

Date This Problem Happened: January 15, 2013

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $159.20

Company Name: Gambler On Call

Company Address:

P.O. Box 26411
Las Vegas, Nevada 89126

Company Telephone Number: (760) 803-7860

Website of Company: gambleroncall.com

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