Kentucky Higher Education Says I Owe a Lot of Money for a Student Loan. – Beth

“Dear Steve,

47 year old,, married, recently moved to N.C..

I went back to school in 08′ and my school loans added up to 5600.00. I deferred the loans and was notified in 2012 that the loans were not deferred and had been in default for a year. YES a year.

I explained this doesnt make any since if they were not deferred why am I only being told this almost 2 years after graduating?

They (Kentucky Higher Ed) now say I owe 11,000.00, with a 2000.00 collection fee. I have been paying monthly while waiting on an appeal dicision. My question is, what else can I do and if the appeal is in my favor, how so I get any over payment back? And Im not the only student at this collage that this has happened to. Thank you in advance!


Dear Beth,

First off, welcome to NC. It certainly is a lovely state to live in.

Are these government backed student loans or somehow private student loans? It makes a big difference as far as options go.

Do you have documentation that backs up your position about the loans being in deferment. The deferment would still increase your loan balances but would omit the collection fee that was tacked on.

If you graduate in 2008 and your loans were supposedly deferred till 2009, were you making payments from 2009 to 2013?

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