I’m 21 Years Old and My Credit Score Sucks. How Can I Improve It? – Lore

“Dear Steve,

Hello, I am 21 years old and recently checked my credit score. Due to pass due bills not being paid I am carrying a 580 credit score. I am aware that this is horrible but I am not sure how to go about getting this fixed. I already have a secured credit card to help improve my credit. I am aware that paying off the balances that I owe will not in face help my credit score or improve my credit.

What are ways that I can improve my credit soon? How would I go about this? Would opening another credit card help me on the situation? I NEED HELP


Dear Lore,

I think you are off in the right direction but are missing one piece. Pay attention to the report card analogy below. Also, having two or three secured cards that report to the credit bureaus is better than one.

Get the consolidated credit report, look at all reports for the negative information being reported and let’s tackle that.

That will do the trick, along with a bit of time passing.

You may also want to use the free service from CreditKarma.com and watch your credit score rise as you carry out these steps.

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  1. okay, great!!
    Thanks for the very helpful tips. I am still trying to find the best secured credit card that I can get. Any more suggestions? I am planning to pay off some of the debt little by little and hopefully the cards will work out for me!!


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