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“Dear Steve,

Over 5years ago I took out went to a check cashing place n got a pay day loan n forgot about it so i didnt pay them off now about 2months ago a collection agency has been calling for repayment of check for about 520.00 and on top of that lawyer and court fees. I’ve asked them to send me something in writing so I could make sure it’s legit but they refuse. I’ve also had them take out about 280.00 from my debit card once to start paying them back now they have threatened to turn my case over to local authorities because I couldn’t afford to pay them the 280.00 every month. I am wanting to pay back but want to make sure they’re legit. They’ve gotten nasty with me over the phone because I missed a payment. I asked for them to send some kind of paperwork n she replied what for. I don’t want legal troubles but Really need advice on what to do.

What should I do?


Dear Shemeka,

The first though that comes to mind is are the people who are trying to collect from you even the legitimate holders of the old debt. It’s really hard to tell from what you shared since your experience sounds like a mix of bad collector and the fake collection scam.

If they are asking you to pay court fees, that would mean they filed a case against you. Give them a polite call before you pay them any more money and ask them for the name of the court where they filed the case and the case number.

Next, call that court house and ask them if they can confirm the case actually exists. I’d say there is a 50-50 chance you are being scammed and it doesn’t exist. Their actions are very fishy.

It is your right to verify the debt is valid and they are authorized to collect it. Asking for validation of the debt is a smart thing to do. At this point you have no way of knowing if you aren’t just paying scammers.

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I’d suggest you read, How to Deal With Debt Collectors.

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