The Collection Company Says They Will Clean Up My Credit Report if I Pay. – John

“Dear Steve,

I had a Doctors bill in 2010 I did not pay.

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Had several financial problems and were not able to get them paid. The collection company contacted me and stated that if I paid the bill in full they would send a letter to the credit burea’s removing the derogatories on my report and send me a copy of the letter . Our I could settle for a lesser amount and it would show that . Do they do this and can they remove their deroggatory items ?


Dear John,

If they are actually willing to do that then ask them to send you that agreement in writing before you pay. It’s an old collection trick to make promises like that and then say they never said it.

Your situation is much like this one I answered earlier today. I think my advice to Sunny also applies to you. See Should I Try to Pay to Delete Bad Items on My Credit Report? I’m Confused. – Sunny

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