I Completed My Degree at the University of Hull UK But Still Owe Tuition. – Joan

“Dear Jon,

I completed my Masters degree last year September 2012 at the University of Hull. I still owe tuition fee in £3597.02. I am meant to graduate in Jan of 2013 but I contacted the Uni that I would not be able to pay before then and that my graduation be postponed till July of 2013 when i would be able to pay. They responded that they would do that. I however got an email from a debt collection agency that they were instructed to contact me on the debt i owe. I emailed them about my situation and that i intend to pay before July.

How do I go about this please as I do not want any legal actions taken against me or further cost included to what I already owe. I intend leaving the UK as my student expires soon. How do I make sure I can prevent this happening even from my home country.

Thanks Very much



A couple of questions.

Who granted the student loan, who actually gave you the loan?

Have you spoken back to the University of Hull since being contacted by the collection agency?

Who are the collection agency? Have they responded to your reply to them about paying in July?

Will you be in a position to repay the loan in July 2013?

Are you working now, and if so, what are your wages?

If the loan is a proper student loan, you should not have to repay it immediately if you are not working or earning under a certain amount. This can vary, that is why I am asking the questions I am.

If you are not working and moving outside the UK, if it is to a non-EU country, there may be little a collection agency can do to collect the debt depending on the country you will be residing in. However if the debt is sold to a collection agency in that country, matters can change.

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If the collection agency were to begin any legal action against you, at that point you can try to show in court you do not have the means to repay the debt at this time, and hope to in the future. This can be done by a detailed income and expenditure form and details of any future job you may have.

Get back to me with answers to my questions, and we can look at this in more detail.



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