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I Don’t Think Relief LLC is Doing Their Job Eliminating My Payday Loans. – Robert

Written by Steve Rhode

“Dear Steve,

I don’t think Relief LLC is doing their job . My contact mrs Molly is suppose to take care of these pay day loans I have. But they sure take their money from me like clock work but by them not doing handling these pay day loan companies I have to pay one the companies ez cash a1000.00 dollars by the first of feb or the district attorneys office will put me in jail for fraud. I know for a fact if this company ez cash would of known that they were going to be repaid by relief llc I wouldn’t be in this situation I’m in now.


Dear Robert,

I think the first thing to do here is to get some straight answers from both EZ Cash and Relief LLC.

What does Relief LLC and Mrs. Molly say about the status of your account with them? Does EZ Cash have any recorded of being contacted by Relief LLC?

Relief LLC, or any outside debt relief company, does not have the power to make any company change their policy regarding your account. They can attempt to negotiate a mutually agreeable solution for you but it does not sound like thats what has happened.

But before we jumpt to any dramatic conclusions, please go and get some

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